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Jan ’15, Happy New Year and New Vinyl


We are excited to finally see what this beautiful package looks like!

Preorder our new vinyl HERE, the ship date approaches!

Double gatefold vinyl of our original soundtrack for the film Flood Tide.  3 sides of music, one side with laser-etched art by Michael Gaughan, includes HD download and stream of the film (link emailed to you within 24 hrs), as well as mp3 and FLAC downloads of soundtrack.  If you wouldn’t mind, Europe preorders go HERE



Hi Everyone.


Most of our shows happened in Europe this year, thanks to everyone who came out and listened.  We’ve been having an absolutely awesome time making music with each other, and are both sad and excited to be on break for a while.  Our final US shows for the year were great, two in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and one in Chicago.  We created a score for Jerome Hill’s La Cartomancienne at the Square Lake Festival in Minnesota, and will have video of that performance soon.


It was super funny and fun to play two ATP festivals at Camber Sands, one with The National in Dec ’12, and one with TV On The Radio in May ’13.  Both have been inspiring and supportive bands, so it was an honor to play, and to see their favorite bands at the artist-curated festival.  We played a bunch of other great festivals as well, including the quaint and super-well organized Kilbi Festival in Bad Bonn (Jim Jarmusch spotting!), and a little forest festival in Germany called Burning Eagle.  I don’t have to name drop the big shit-shows, but they were fun too.  Festivals are a good place to take risks and adventure in playing music.  Oh!  And Australia!  That was so awesome…and making our way to Budapest, Novi Sad, and Zagreb…it is great to meet new people and see what’s going on.


In old news, if you were unaware, we released an EP of some remaining tracks from our Who Needs Who session, titled What I Needed, in a small, limited run of 10″ vinyl, for Record Store Day in the UK.  There may be some of that vinyl left in Europe, and a few places imported it in the US.  I know Treehouse in Minneapolis had a bunch…(  )


We finally got that Daydreaming sheet music up and available, too: (


(Thanks to our photographers, Jonathan Bruce Williams (What I Needed cover image) and Santiago Mostyn (Daydreaming sheet music cover image)  We love watching our friends make work, and occasionally get to use it.


In more current news, congratulations to former DDD member Todd Chandler and his collaborator Jeff Stark for their show opening at the World’s Fair Grounds in Flushing Meadows, Queens, on Oct 4, 2013, with programming through October: (


We will eventually release the DVD/LP and DVD/CD version of the movie we made (Flood Tide) with Todd, Swoon, and co.  Keep your ears open for that, a new single, and all the side projects the DDDs are working on right now.  We’ll (tweet) and (facebook) all that stuff.


We know we’ve neglected some corners (and hubs!) of our fine country, and wait patiently for our next visit.  I think the wait will be worth it.  In the meantime, we’ll practice more basic French phrases and try to miscommunicate with each other over myriad social-media.  Big Love.  Jusqu’à la fois prochaine.


Who Needs Who in stores now!

Our new album, Who Needs Who, was released October 2nd in the US, October 1st in the UK/EU. It will be released in Australia on October 12th via Clementine Records.

You can buy the new album from us at our store, on our BandCamp, or from iTunes . Or of course, from any good independent record store. Or from us on TOUR.